North American Occupational Health and Safety Week

NAOSH Week – North American Occupational Safety and Health Week – was first launched in June 1997, marked by an agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico. CSSE’s Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Week (COHS) had been observed for ten years previously (1986-1996). During the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks between the governments of Mexico, United States, and Canada, workplace safety within the boundaries of all three nations was discussed by government labour department representatives. Canada’s representative at these talks was familiar with Canada’s COHS Week and suggested to his Mexican and American counterparts that their countries may wish to become involved in a similar endeavor.

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Pensions Under Attack

Important information about the future of our pension plan

The Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) has started a process to review and consider changes that reduce our pension benefits. The wide scope of changes being considered is an urgent concern for plan members and unions representing these members.

CUPE is actively working as part of the Labour Coalition on Pensions to protect our pension benefits.

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