Political Action

The Political Action Committee shall be responsible for informing the Executive and membership on all matters of political awareness. The Committee will work in conjunction with the CUPE Alberta Division and the Alberta Federation of Labour Committees on Provincial and Federal political matters, and shall review and provide recommendations on all civic political matters as required.

Current Members – Lyndsay Ozey, Neil Ketler, Wade Naicken and Alan Parkes

CUPE Local 30 – Political Action Recommendations 2017

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Support CUPE’s  campaign to maintain current flight attendant to passenger ratios

Check out the Alberta Federation of Labour’s  article regarding the Canada Jobs Grant.

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AFL News Releases Regarding Alberta’s Minimum Wage

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CUPE calls for REAL continuum of care based on the needs of Seniors

Policy Fix Article regarding P3s in Winnipeg

Leader-Post Article regarding Regina P3 Waste Water Project

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Union Communities, Healthy Communities article by Andrew Jackson from the Broadbent Institute

CUPE National Article It’s time to expand CPP

Citizen’s Press Article: Workers’ Freedoms Under Attack in Canada