Canadian unions celebrate announcement of universal CPP expansion

This is a very historic occasion for the labour movement as we have been working for many years to get CPP reform.  Well yesterday our hard work finally paid off with the announcement of a modest universal expansion of the Canadian Pension Plan.  I first started working on this campaign in 2009 and we thought it was going to be a simple campaign.  Why wouldn’t provincial governments be receptive to this idea?  The only hurdle we faced at the time was Alberta.  The Deputy Finance Minister at that time told us the only way to get Alberta on board was to get rid of Ted Morton.  Well fast forward 7 years to today and although the announcement yesterday doesn’t quite reach the goal of doubling the CPP as we had initially lobbied for, it’s a step in the right direction.

“Too many Canadians today are struggling in retirement and change is long overdue.  Even though we had asked that the CPP be doubled, we appreciate that this will be the first increase in the plan’s history, and one that will benefit all Canadians”, said Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff.

Mike Scott
President, CUPE Local 30