Greetings Presidents of CUPE Locals in Edmonton and Area;

Many of the CUPE members from Fort McMurray have arrived in Edmonton.  The Alberta Regional CUPE office is receiving calls as some families are seeking accommodations…so we are looking for volunteers and we will create a list of anyone who is interested in assisting members who are evacuees from Fort McMurray.

Please be aware if you volunteer we do not know how long they may need refuge and be advised it may have some financial impact on those who open up their homes.

If you or anyone within your membership would like to volunteer for this, please email Jamy Brent at or call the Alberta Regional Office at (780) 484-7644 and she will take your information.  Yvonne Fast will make contact with them.

Thank you for your help during this extremely difficult time for the CUPE members from Fort  McMurray.

In solidarity,
Yvonne Fast, Alberta Regional Director