Bill C-377 Message from the President

Brothers and Sisters,

Members of Senate are debating Bill C-377 this week. Liberal-appointed Senators along with some Conservative Senators, like Hugh Segal, are dragging-out the debate to bring attention to it and stop the bill.

Bill C-377 claims to address the accountability and transparency of labour unions. But, as we point out in our submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee, C-377 is not about transparency or accountability.

The real motivation for the bill is to silence unions and their members.

This bill will require every union and every union local to file detailed financial reports that would be posted on a public website. The bill is a violation of privacy rights and a big waste of money.

The costs of Bill C-377 will be important not only for unions. The federal government will have to spend millions in tax-payers’ money each year to receive and process the massive volume of data generated by labour organizations.

Bill C-377 also contravenes federal and provincial privacy laws which protect individuals’ most intimate personal and confidential information. The Canadian Bar Association and the Privacy Commissioner have said that this bill will invade personal privacy. And it’s estimated it will cost as much cost $20 million to implement. What’s more, the bill singles out labour organizations and does not apply to any other dues-deducting professional organizations.

Please take a moment to send in a letter to the senate by following the link provided.

In Solidarity,

Mike Scott

President Local 30